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Diamond Cut in Detail

How much does cut actually effect brilliance?

  This is a good question.  We are 2nd generation diamond importers.  Our job it to look at a diamond and judge it's value.  Before high tech computers we would simply look at a diamond and we could tell weather or not is was cut correctly.  We could tell if it had nice shine and sparkle.  In similar quality diamonds those that had better shine and sparkle we would value more.

  Does this mean that those with better shine had a 60% depth over a 64% depth?  Absolutely NOT.  This is were the information on the internet is confusing.   Does a diamond with a 58% table, an AGS "0",  look better or have more shine that one with a 62% table.  Absolutely NOT.  Here are some images of  diamonds under magnification.  One with a 58% table, one with a 62% table and one with a 67% table.

58% table 61%-62% table 67% table

  Can your average or even trained person tell the difference between a 58% table and 62% table  without magnification?  I must tell you, without carefully examining it or looking under magnification, I can not.  The real difference is when you have  a very small table and you compare it to a very large table.  Then a trained person can see it without magnification.  Can you see the HUGE difference between the 58% table image and the 67% table?

  The way the labs come up with all these percentages is to put the diamond on a high tech computer.  This computer measures the diamond up to a 10,000 of a millimeter.  To make it even more confusing, you can get a readout of 1%-2% difference depending on how the diamond is sitting on the machine!


  This is another very misinterpreted conception in the industry.  Is there a difference between a GIA cert and an EGL?  The answer is yes and no.  Sometimes there is.  Is one ALWAYS better than the other...absolutely not!  If anyone says one is better than the other I can show them 1000 certs to prove them otherwise.  One lab may judge one type of inclusion less strictly than another.  Or it may be a borderline grade.

  The only way to know if you strongly agree with the certificate for the diamond is to see it.  Is this a borderline grade or a strong grade?  Especially in the VS2's and SI qualities there is a big range.  You can have a high SI2 or a low SI2 which is closer to an SI3 or I1.

  The importance of a cert is that your diamond has been analyzed by a qualified lab.  The industry, meaning dealers and jewelers, recognize EGL and GIA.  The cert is so you know if you compare 2 diamonds that are certified to be the same color and/or clarity, you know they will be comparable.  Does this mean one may look better than the other... absolutely!

  Depending on the type, size and location of the inclusion one may appear to be better than the other.

Our expert advice

 I am sure you will be confused after reading this.  Most of all  make sure you speak with a knowledgeable salesperson that has the diamond in his hands.  Most internet companies are brokers.  They do not own or even see the diamond before the sell it to you.  I hope that in reading this you understand that everything is not cut and dry.  How can anyone assure you how beautiful the diamond is without even seeing it?? 

   Remember, when XYZ.com is calling a diamond dealer for a diamond to match your request the dealer wants to make the sale.  Chances are if he talks up his diamond enough, they will ask to have it shipped in.  When this stone is not compared to several others how can they judge how nice the diamond actually is?

 Bottom line is go with a diamond that matches what you want.  Some people don't care that their 1ct diamond appears smaller than others.  They got a good price on it, it has tons of shine and sparkle, and after all, it is 1ct!  They don't want a 0.90 they want 1ct.

  If this is you, a 1ct with a deep discount may be the best deal for you.  Don't think that it will be dull and cloudy.    One thing to remember, if this is the type of diamond you get make sure you are not paying for an ideal or premium cut.  If you are speaking with a knowledgeable salesperson, and he wants to earn your business, he can tell you if the diamond appears nice or not.

  At Diamonds-and-Engagment-Rings.com we have 2 generations of expertise.  We listen to what you hope for in a diamond.  Then we look at several diamonds.  While we are still speaking with you, we can give you some suggestions that meet your diamond needs.  Remember, not everyone has the same needs in purchasing a diamond.

  We hope your experience in purchasing a diamond is a happy one.  Even though, if you get enough into it, it may be a difficult and confusing decision, we hope you get what you will be happy with.  Don't listen to those that say you should get this or that.  Get what is good for you at a good deal.

  If you have any questions feel free to call and speak with one of our diamond experts.



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