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Since we are direct diamond importers and our main office is located in the diamond district of Los Angeles, we have access the largest supply of diamonds at the absolute best prices!  We carry all diamond shapes, sizes and qualities in GIA and EGL certified diamonds.  Browse our diamond database containing 1000's of certified diamonds.  This will give you an idea of what you can expect to pay for a similar diamond of comparable quality.

We guarantee to find you the best quality diamond at the best price or your money back!

Please be patient when downloading our extensive database.  It may take a few moments

Some Common Questions:
How to Choose a Diamond?

Why Diamonds and Engagement Rings.com?
Don't fall into the trap of choosing the cheapest diamond.
You Should Never Buy a Diamond Lower Than...

Can I come to your showroom and see the diamond?

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We are buying and selling an a daily basis.   On any day we have 100's of diamonds out on 
consignment at retail jewelers throughout the country.   Use this diamond database as a guideline as to
what you can expect to pay for a similar diamond.  By calling us direct,  you can have access to the best deals 
that sell in one or two days!  Most of which don't have a chance to get on the database.


How to Choose a Diamond?

Once you have decided on a diamond size and shape or engagement ring call and speak with one of our diamond experts so we can give you options and locate the perfect diamond for you.  We will quote you prices on the latest inventory and special deals. You can also call or email us to request a particular size, shape and quality of diamond.

If you are not sure on how to buy a diamond,  view  Buying diamonds 5 C's or call our toll free number and speak with a diamond expert.  A trained representative will help you make the decision on the best diamond for you.


Why Diamond and Engagement Rings by Houston Diamond Outlet?
  Why choose Diamonds and Engagement Rings by Houston Diamond Outlet?  Not only do we have access to the largest supply of fine quality certified diamonds anywhere, we also have them in stock!  Most internet "jewelers" never even see the diamond before you order it!  At Houston Diamond Outlet we make sure to personally inspect each diamond BEFORE we send it to you.  Our diamond experts can accurately describe your diamond, the pros and cons, and make helpful suggestions to guarantee you choose the diamond that is right for you.

Don't Choose the Cheapest Diamond

Keep in mind, that the cheapest diamond is usually NOT the best deal.  If you see several diamond of the same quality listed, and one is far cheaper than the rest, you can assume something is wrong with it.  Most internet "jewelers" list ONLY these highly discounted diamonds because they know you are shopping for the best price.  Since they don't have the diamond to look at, they cannot accurately describe or recommend the diamond.  If you call us, we can look at the diamond and let you know what the problem may be.  In many instances, even thought one diamond may have some problems, we may be able to offer another, more appealing one at a similar price! 

Never Buy a Diamond Lower Than...

It is our strong opinion that no one knows better than you what you should buy.  Each customer has their own individual needs and desires.  It is our job, as a company based on customer service, to fulfill YOUR needs.  Not push you to buy something that you may not be happy with.  In some very rare cases, the customer is not realistic in their wants.  For example, if you want a 5ct D Flawless and only want to spend $10,000, you will never be happy.  What Diamonds-and-Engagement-Rings will do is give you a realistic view of what you can get, and give you some options to choose from.  Then, you can make your decision and choose the diamond that is best for you.

  The choice is clear!  When choosing a company to buy your diamond or engagement ring, it is imperative that they have the diamond in front of them.  Also, the salesperson must have the expertise to offer suggestions and help you choose the diamond that is best for you. Every customer has unique needs and desires.  A diamond that may be perfect for one couple may not be for another.  Houston Diamond Outlet will make your diamond and engagement ring purchase as easy as possible.  It is because of our hands on customer service that we can make sure you get the ring of your dreams, at the absolute best price possible.

Our Showroom

  Our showroom is open Mon - Fri 10:30 - 5 and appointment is recommended. If you call ahead and make your appointment we can make sure we have some diamonds in your range to choose from. It is always best to see your diamond in person. If you are in the Houston area we strongly suggest coming in and choosing from a selection of diamonds. That way you can make sure you chose the diamond that is best for you.

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