Diamond Secrets

If I actually included diamond secrets here this section would be blank.  There are secrets in the diamond business, only common sense.  However, there are some very important facts you should know in searching for a diamond.

What we mean by certified, in the diamond business, is that a stone has gone to an independent laboratory for QUALITY ANALYSIS.  This means a team of experts have graded the diamond.  They have collectively agreed on a particular grade.  An appraisal is done by a gemologist and  includes a "retail" price.  This is used for insurance purposes and may even state that on the bottom.  This is not used by the industry to compare quality.
  Now why is this important?  The reason we have, as an industry, chosen GIA and EGL as the "labs of the industry" is their longtime commitment to consistency and quality.  Therefore, we can be sure, as an industry, that 2 diamonds graded the same, by GIA or EGL, are COMPARABLE QUALITY.  Now you can compare several diamonds.
   Lets say you are searching the "net" and you find :

abc diamond co.:  1.00ct G color , SI1 clarity EGL certified $****
xyz diamond co.:    1.00ct G color , SI1 clarity EGL certified $****

Now you can be assured that these two diamond are comparable quality. (not taking into account cut)

 What about those other appraisers and laboratories on the internet?
Maybe they are right and maybe they are not.  Just like in any business there are some  good and some not so good.  However, how can the industry compare xyz diamond lab with the standard GIA and EGL?   We cannot and neither should you.  Some sites may have diamonds listed at better prices than those certed by GIA and EGL.  Why do you think they are cheaper?  Would they get the same grading if sent to the "BIG" labs?  Probably not.
  The bottom line when it comes to appraisals and certificates,  you should stick with those that the industry has agreed with.  This is the only way you can compare "apples to apples."  That is why all of our "certified diamonds" are certified by either GIA or EGL.

Guarantee of appraisal?
Can anyone guarantee what an appraiser or gemologist might say regarding your diamond?  No.   Some may agree and some may disagree, after all,  this is based on opinion.  What can be guaranteed is :
      1.  if your diamond is resubmitted it will get the same grade
      2.  Any appraiser would value the diamond much more that purchase price
      3.  Your purchase is far below retail
  The only way to know you are getting a FAIR appraisal is to go to a certified appraiser that does not SELL diamonds or jewelry.  Obviously, noone can give their competitor a great appraisal.

What if my appraiser doesn't agree with the cert?
First of all, if you wish to have your merchandise appraised make sure you go to an independant certified appraiser.  Someone that does not sell diamonds or jewelry.  You can find these appraiser in the phone book under appraisers.  With our certified diamonds we have already done that for you.
  Second,  you must realize the internet has gotten many retail jewelers upset.  They cannot compete.  You can get quality merchandise at a true wholesale price by buying direct.  The only way they can fight back is by "trashing" the merchandise.
  Excuses I have heard range from, the diamond doesn't match the cert, this is not  the quality the cert states, this type of inclusion drastically decreases the price of the diamond,  I don't sell this type of quality, the appraisal is bull****, and so on.
  The way the internet has worked so far is,  you compare the retail prices in your area with the prices you find on To-DIAMONDS.COM.  How can anybody now buy retail?  Most people call and order from us.  Now you go back to your local jeweler and show them what you bought somewhere else.  What do you expect him to say?  You got a good deal, this is great merchandise, you don't need me anymore.  Of course not!  
  You must take anything they say with a grain of salt.  Remember, you are cutting them out and they are losing business.  Weather or not they know you bought from To-DIAMONDS.com or from another local competitor all they know is THEY LOST THE SALE and a potential customer.
  If you do run into one of these "bad apples" who trash the merchandise don't worry.  There are ways we can verify the merchandise.  We keep very careful records of what we send you and we know our merchandise.

If there are no secrets how can I buy far below retail?
One simple answer to this question.  You have eliminated all middle men.  We buy direct from the diamond manufacturer and sell direct to you, the consumer.   We have been selling at these prices for 2 generations!
  Lets explain how this works.  The diamond manufacturer, the one that cuts rough diamond into the shapes the we know as diamond is in the manufacturing business.  His job is to produce polished diamonds and sell large quantities.  If they held on the their goods for individual sales imagine how much those diamonds would cost!  The more diamonds they produce per week the cheaper those diamonds become.  If they only produced 100 diamonds per week those diamonds would be far more expensive than if they produced 10000 diamonds.
  The diamond wholesaler, like Maggy's Top Diamond, buys large quantities from these manufacturers.  We keep these in stock.  Our job is to find the jewelry stores that buy a few diamond to keep in their stock for potential customers.  We must keep a large inventory so when you  the customer go into ABC diamond retailer , to see a  1ct G SI1 , ABC retailer knows Maggy's Top Diamond  has a few of these in stock to ship to him.  He sells our diamond to you and makes a profit.  We must have several retailers as our customers.  By buying direct from us you are cutting out this middle man.

What now?
Browse our site at your leisure.  If you have any questions we have trained experts to answer any of your questions.  Call us to order or if you have any concerns.  Maggy's Top Diamond has attributed much as our success to hands on professional service.  We hope to hear from you.

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