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  Diamonds and Engagement Rings .com are manufacturers of fine diamond jewelry and importers of loose diamonds.  Being located in the diamond district of Los Angeles gives us access to the largest supply of fine quality diamonds at the absolute best prices anywhere!  We believe we are the best choice to buy your diamond engagement ring!
We manufacture 1000's of designs in all the latest styles including:
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True antique rings are used and old.  By ordering from us you get the best of both worlds.  You get the antique style ring with fine filigree and engraving but, your ring is brand new.  You won't have to worry about sizing the ring, loose or missing stones, and repairing damaged or loose prongs and settings.  Give your loved one the fine quality ring she deserves!
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The three stone diamond ring is a HOT item. Each stone represents a stage in a couple's relationship: past , present and future.  These rings are often given as engagement rings, anniversary rings, or for any special occasion.
We specialize and manufacture three stone rings in all shapes and sizes including, princess cut, oval, emerald cut, antique.  Also mixed shapes like round and trillion, princess and trillion and oval with trillions.
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Platinum is HOT and the platinum engagement ring is a great way to show your appreciation for your loved one. Platinum is very rare, infact, all the platinum ever mined could fit into an average living room!  The brilliant whiteness of platinum make it attractive for diamonds.  Plus, because platinum is pure, it is hypoallergenic
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Our diamond ring selection us unsurpassed!  We offer the largest selection of all the latest styles or, custom design your own.  Our diamond rings come in all styles, shapes, sizes, qualities and colors. 
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The Diamond Engagement Ring experts offers the latest styles and traditional designs at prices 50% - 70% below retail!  Choose from a huge selection or custom design your own. 
The engagement ring is believed to go back to the ancient Egyptians who believed the vein in the "ring finger" ran directly to the heart.  So, what better finger to wear an engagement ring!  As for diamonds, Archduke Maximillian of Austria was the first to offer a diamond engagement ring to Mary of Burgundy.
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Call us direct and design your own engagement ring to your specifications. 
You can choose :
-size, shape and quality of diamond
-metal: white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum
-finish: high polish, hand engraved, brushed, sand blasted

There are a lot of factors to consider, so speak the experts and let the experts help you build your dream ring!  Your representative will follow your order from start to finish, so there is no guesswork!

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Colored diamonds and fancy yellow or canary yellow diamond rings are becoming a HIT!  Before, fancy yellow diamonds were only for the rich and famous, but we make quality fancy colored diamonds affordable!  We offer fine quality fancy colored diamonds in all shapes, sizes, colors and qualities.  All at unbeatable prices! Give her a ring that will turn heads and make others envious!
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Diamonds are the perfect way to celebrate an engagement because of their uniqueness and preciousness.  Natural diamonds were created billions of years ago deep under the surface of the earth.  It takes tons of force over a long period of time to form gem quality diamonds.  Diamonds are the symbol of forever, what a beautiful way to symbolize the everlasting bond of love between a couple.
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casting in white, yellow or platinum
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Diamonds and Engagement Rings is the best place to buy your diamond ring because we make all of our rings to order, in house. Your representative will follow your order from start to finish and check your ring at each stage of the manufacturing process.  This ensures your ring is of the highest quality, as our customers have come to expect.
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Diamond Stud Earrings are a great way to celebrate any occasion.  Whether birthday, anniversary, wedding, valentine's day, mother's day or just because, diamond earrings are a must for every woman's jewelry box.  Studs can be worn everyday, or, for special occasion. Surprise her with beautiful diamond stud earrings!

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